• What make stories top on MashCeleb?

    If something is big, important, breaking, like "Tiger Woods Affair", it will always be reported quickly and widely around the web, and we call that top stories. For human being, like editors, it's very easy to tell what is big, but for machines, we need to find some factors which can be measured and calculated, like Google's PageRank, to tell exactly what the importance of some story, on other words, we give each story a score. MashCeleb does not rely on backlinks as PageRank, but on the topics that be talked about in each story, and be very important to the main meaning of a story, like "Tiger Woods" and "Affair". So, if many reporters write many stories on the same topics, MashCeleb just think these topics are very important, and the earlier stories that talking about these topics become top on MashCeleb, then the readers can read them through the News page.

  • What related celebs mean?

    You might noticed that there's a widget called "Related Celebs" on the right side if you open some story page or celeb page, so how MashCeleb get these "related". As you can see, MashCeleb figure out the celebs in every story, so if two celebs are mentioned in the same story very often, MashCeleb will think they're related, but this is not mean they're really having some relationships, like they're dating each other, but just mean they are often mentioned together.

  • How often MashCeleb update?

    MashCeleb monitor many sources, normally, it might take 30~60 mins for MashCeleb to update all of them.